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  • Plus - You do not use laCD, autoban is working. All chiters will be banned. Admin is realy loyality, but do not ask him for much. After reaching of 10 level You'll got a present - 10 golds.Max level you can take - 70!
  • Minus - There are not all things, working pure then 100% :)of spells and quests .Some things we'll make by playing.
  • BUT - Serever is young, and perhaps you will be Guildmaster, recieve many good things and previlegions
  1. At this moment for playing is used 1.12.2 version with hack-patch.
  2. What you need:
    • Client - you can download it here
    • Download patches: Full patch 1.12.0 (enGB here, and enUS is here) and updates 1.12.1 1.12.2 here
    • Install in this way: Client - patch 1.12.0 - patch 1.12.1 - patch 1.12.2
    • You can also dawnload more: Addons (in dir \interface\AddOns\)
  3. After final update in a file write this address (edit with "notepad", not "MS Word"!):
    • set realmist
    • registrate account here S'n'MassWoW
  4. More:
    • russian lang pack addon - RuWoW
    • Repair1.1.2.exe - makes your version 1.1.2 (for patch less than 1.12.0)
    • Note: Registration page correctly working only in Internet Explorer
    • List of GMs
    Server is developing all time. May be in further future it will be available to Burning Crusade.

  • IP is static now. It means - be constant.
  • Server is on-line. Have fun.
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